Turn Outlook into A “Self Cleaning Oven” with Retention Policies

Overwhelmed with emails? Foldering is great, but out of sight, out of mind, right? The next thing you know you are a digital hoarder and your Outlook mailbox is overflowing with old mail. Use retention policies to have Outlook clean itself out!

Shari Oswald

Shari Oswald

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Shari L. Oswald

About Shari Oswald

They call me “Shortcut Shari” because I love the efficiency that keyboard shortcuts bring to my daily work. I have worked in Technology for over 20 years, am a Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in End User Applications and Technology Adoption. My philosophy is that “It’s my job to make your job easier” and I enjoy helping my participants find more efficient ways to perform their daily tasks.

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