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No Learning Solution is right for every person.
Let us help you customize your Learning and Adoption journey to ensure that you have the ability to apply new skills and maximize your investment.

- Shari L. Oswald, MCT, MSOM

Chief Experience Officer
Our Delivery Options Provide the Flexibility to Meet the Needs of Your Learning Needs on YOUR Time!

Our POWER!Bytes Learning Portal is a self-paced video training resource that breaks down the technology into “Byte” sized videos (usually 1-3 minutes in length). Learn Microsoft 365 at your own pace one byte at a time, take the whole course and “level-up” by earning badges and certificates!  Great for learning something new or refreshing your memory for things you do less often.

Our Mentored Learning provides flexibility to our Learners in their time via Learning Paths. Materials are distributed to the Learners to study and learn at their own pace. The participants  meet periodically with the Learning Expert for a deep-dive into the material when needed or to ask questions specific to their business challenges.

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