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Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience

Your Facilitated, Hands-On Exploration of Microsoft Technologies


Discover a personalized experience that goes where you go, giving you access to Office apps and important documents anywhere, anytime.


Explore how a streamlined user experience across tables, PCs and smartphones makes it easier than ever to stay productive on the go.​


See how newsfeeds, blogs, and other social features can help you break through silos, onboard new employees and improve communication.


Learn how to keep your organization safe by protecting sensitive information and meeting regulatory compliance requirements

The Cloud Immersion Experience (CIE) is a transformational session where customers explore and discover hands-on with an interactive, virtual “sandbox” environment populated with data, files, personas, and Microsoft solutions at their own pace.

Facilitators help to surface business challenges and foster discussion that benefits the organization and their goals, which changes the conversation from a product-specific discussion to a platform discussion. 

By letting customers experience and explore what is possible at their own pace, a CIE helps customers see how Office 365 and Windows 10 are directly relevant to their daily work and can deliver value for their business.

Meet Our Lead Facilitators.

Hands-Down, we have some of the most experienced Cloud Immersion Experience facilitators available for you to conduct your sessions.
Our sessions are known to be interactive, participant-centered and business challenge focused.
It will never be “just another sales pitch”!
Shari L Oswald

Shari L. Oswald, MCT, MSOM

“It’s My Job to Make Your Job Easier”
Shari has over 9 years of experience as a CIE Facilitator having joined the CIE program in 2010.  She has qualified hundreds of Microsoft employees and partners to become Facilitators as a Bootcamp Instructor.  She is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Office Specialist Master and has a passion for productivity and efficiency using technology.  Shari is also a SharePoint Consultant and is a frequent speaker at Microsoft Events around the country.  As an author her courses can be found on LinkedIn Learning, ClipTraining and Pluralsight.
Leeanne McManus

Leeanne McManus, MCT, MSOM

Leeanne joined the CIE program in 2011 and has not only trained hundreds of Facilitator Bootcamp participants, she was part of the team that designed the program!  Beyond her expertise in Microsoft technologies, she considers herself more a Change Agent and brings to the table a myriad of qualifications from Prosci as a Certified Change Practitioner, Agile Project Management as a Certified ScrumMaster and Product Owner and also as Certified Professional a Behaviors and Motivators Analyst.