What is Microsoft 365?

(formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365 is the online, subscription based suite of applications offered by Microsoft.  This includes familiar tools such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel and is constantly expanding into other areas which assist you in making your day more productive all while keeping your work and data secure and accessible in the cloud.

Let's get emPOWERed with Microsoft 365!


  • The courses included here require a Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) cloud subscription and may require a specific license.  For more information, visit the Microsoft Office home page.
  • Microsoft is constantly evolving their technologies.  We do our best to keep up with the changes, but some of the content may be outdates based on new features always being added.
  • Microsoft 365

  • $800.00
  • $800.00
  • BUZZ Session: The Better Together Journey
    60 Minute - High Energy Session
  • BUZZ Session: What is Microsoft 365/M365?
    60 Minute - High Energy Session
  • BUZZ Session: What's New in M365 apps?
    60 Minute - High Energy Session

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