Document Domination: Streamline Your Workflow with Word

Join us for this transformative series and elevate your proficiency in Microsoft Word. Whether you're drafting reports, creating manuals, or crafting proposals, gain the skills to produce professional documents that make a lasting impact.

  • 07 August
    Four 1-Hour Sessions
    Session information
    Getting Started with Microsoft Word
    Wed 07 Aug 11:30 MDT - Wed 07 Aug 12:30 MDT
    Microsoft Word: Formatting Using Styles and Themes
    Wed 14 Aug 11:30 MDT - Wed 14 Aug 12:30 MDT
    Microsoft Word: Working with Long Documents
    Wed 21 Aug 11:30 MDT - Wed 21 Aug 12:30 MDT
    Microsoft Word: Working with Tables and Lists
    Wed 28 Aug 11:30 MDT - Wed 28 Aug 12:30 MDT
    • $129.00 incl.
    • CyberWeek


Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of professional document creation and management in this Microsoft Word focused mini-course. Whether you're new to Word or seeking to refine your expertise, these sessions are designed to equip you with essential tools for efficient and polished document production.

Begin with "Getting Started with Microsoft Word," where you'll master the basics of document creation, formatting, and navigation. Learn how to create, edit, and save documents with confidence.

Next, in "Formatting Using Styles and Themes," discover how to streamline document formatting with consistent styles and themes. Enhance readability and visual appeal while saving time by applying predefined styles and customizing themes to suit your needs.

Transition to "Working with Long Documents," and explore techniques for managing large documents effectively. From creating outlines and managing sections to inserting headers, footers, and page numbering, learn to organize and navigate lengthy documents with ease.

In "Working with Tables and Lists," delve into the power of structured data presentation. Learn to create and format tables for organizing information logically and efficiently. Master the use of bulleted and numbered lists to enhance readability and clarity in your documents.