Fast-Track to SharePoint: Sites Made Simple

Unlock the power of SharePoint in this mini course that demystifies this powerful collaboration platform and how it can make you more productive starting today!

  • 10 September
    Five 1-Hour Sessions
    Session information
    Getting Started with SharePoint Online
    Tue 10 Sep 13:00 MDT - Tue 10 Sep 14:00 MDT
    Deep Dive into SharePoint Collaboration Sites
    Wed 11 Sep 13:00 MDT - Wed 11 Sep 14:00 MDT
    Deep Dive into SharePoint Communication Sites
    Tue 17 Sep 13:00 MDT - Tue 17 Sep 14:00 MDT
    • $99.00 incl.


Unlock the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint with our mini-course focused on understanding how you can streamline your work and collaboration efforts in this powerful platform.

In "Getting Started with SharePoint," you'll learn the foundational skills needed to navigate and utilize SharePoint effectively.

Dive into "Collaboration Sites," where you'll discover how to create and manage team-oriented spaces that foster seamless collaboration, enhance productivity, and streamline workflows.

Explore "Communication Sites," and master the art of creating visually engaging, information-rich sites that keep your organization informed and connected.

Whether you're new to SharePoint or looking to sharpen your skills, this course provides practical, hands-on experience to transform the way you work. Join us and revolutionize your approach to teamwork and communication with SharePoint!

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