Automate Everything: Power Up with Forms, Lists, and Automate

Time to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Forms, Lists, and Power Automate to revolutionize how you collect data, manage information, and automate processes efficiently.

  • 05 August
    Three 1-Hour Sessions
    Session information
    Getting Started with Microsoft Forms
    Mon 05 Aug 14:30 MDT - Mon 05 Aug 15:30 MDT
    Getting Started with Microsoft Lists
    Mon 12 Aug 14:30 MDT - Mon 12 Aug 15:30 MDT
    Automating Your Processes with Power Automate
    Mon 19 Aug 14:30 MDT - Mon 19 Aug 15:30 MDT
    • $99.00 incl.


Discover the power of streamlined workflows and data management in this mini-course focused on Microsoft Forms, Lists, and Power Automate." Whether you're new to these tools or aiming to deepen your expertise, this series is crafted to empower you with essential skills for optimizing productivity and efficiency.

In "Getting Started with Microsoft Forms," learn to create customized surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms effortlessly. Master the art of gathering valuable insights and feedback from your audience with ease.

Transition into using Microsoft Lists where you'll explore how to organize, track, and manage information effectively using customizable lists. From project tracking to inventory management, unlock the versatility of Lists to streamline your workflows.

Finally, our Power Automate introduces you to the automation capabilities of Power Automate (formerly Flow). Automate repetitive tasks, integrate your apps and services, and create automated workflows that save time and boost productivity.