emPOWER!Hour – Microsoft Excel: Formulas and Functions

Help Excel do the hard work for you by using formulas and functions. In the session we demystify those confusing formulas and functions to their "anatomy" and then apply them to totals, text, values and even dates.

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Excel 2019/365is Microsoft’s easy-to-use spreadsheet and data management application. In our emPOWER Hours for Microsoft Excel we will explore basic spreadsheet functionality and then take a deep dive into specific areas to further the knowledge of our participants in using this powerful tool.

In this session we will focus on using formulas and functions to take your worksheets to the next level using calculations.

Learning Content

  • Working with Rows and Columns
  • Using Auto-Sum and other total options
  • Using Text Functions
  • Using Logical and Statistical Functions
  • Using Date and Time related Functions


All participants will be required to have either a personal or business account in Office 365. To ensure success, participants should understand the basics of using a Windows-based computer and be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse, Windows operating system and an internet browser.

Cancellation Policy

All pre-paid registrations are final and non-refundable. Should the participant need to cancel within 48-hours of the scheduled session, one (1) rescheduling code will be issued to be used toward a future emPOWER!Hour session.