PowerUP! Partners grew from the inspiration of working directly with the learners in small, medium and enterprise organizations.

As contractors being sent it to “train” for Information Technology centric initiatives, we realized that the people side of change had been lost in the process. And that is where we decided it was time to break out on our own, focus on the people. We turn “training” into learning and “classes” into experiences that transform the organization, not just the technology.

We Are Passionate About What We Do...

Our Principals may have started out as trainers, but we have built our reputation as Learning Experts and Change Agents. We bring to the table a myriad of qualifications including: 


Years of Combined Experience as Learning and Adoption Experts


Years as Customer Immersion Experience Facilitators

Why Choose Us?

I learned so much from Shari. She knows her stuff! Highly recommend any of her online training materials or to have her come and train your employees. I personally benefited from her Lunch & Learns to learn more about using OneNote, SharePoint, Excel and MS Project which I know has made me more effective in my jobs.
Katie Kassing
Consultant // Deloitte
I've worked with Leeanne to design a variety of trainings for my clients. Leeanne is very talented at designing training, presenting training and connecting with the audience. We've had strong positive feedback from all of the work we have delivered with Leeanne and I am fortunate to have such a great partner and resource!
Annie Martin, MBA
Director // Partner Co-sell Programs at Microsoft
Shari is a rockstar! Her Microsoft knowledge and training skills are among the best I have observed. She is one of a few CIE facilitators and a lot of what I learned through that program (spoiler alert!) can be attributed to Shari and the elite facilitators of this program. It's her ability to connect, share productivity tips and most importantly let the audience discover them on their own, that really stand out. She gives back to the communities she serves ... as well. Highly recommend her for training, end user adoption and her leadership.
Dan Rey
Dan Rey, MCT
Owner //DESA Enterprises LLC
I recommend Leeanne McManus for your training, and human resources consulting business needs. Leeanne will walk you through an analysis of requirements and develop a plan with you for your success and if your team is included, your entire team.
Doris Ericson
Founder/Owner, Quite A Lot LLC