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Microsoft Immersion Experience Facilitators

Our World Is Changing....CIE Group

The Microsoft Immersion Experience is an interactive user experience that walks you through real-world, everyday business situations using Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) to demonstrate its ease-of-use, convenience, and security.  The hands-on, facilitator-lead format helps your team to visualize how your organization can simplify working remotely, collaborating with co-workers, visualize your data in meaningful ways and keep all of your business information secure.

Envision the Possible...

Why attend an Immersion Experience?  Business moves at lightning fast speed...and so do our days.  By spending a morning or afternoon with our facilitators you have the unique opportunity to present and find solutions to your unique business challenges.  Invite 10 of your colleagues to an event and provide them a unique experience to get to learn the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer.

  • Companies who are considering the Microsoft 365 platform to unify their business processes and
  • Companies who currently are Microsoft 365 subscribers who are looking to test-drive additional offerings in suite of products
  • Companies who have recently adopted Microsoft 365 and are not quite sure what they have available to them

We encourage your participants to be the Business Decision Makers as well as individuals in your organization with a variety of different jobs and responsibilities.   This provides your decision makers to see a well-rounded view of how different technologies and impact and enhance the productivity at all levels of their organization.

What Can you Test Drive?

The Immersion Experience can include the full gamut of the Microsoft 365 Cloud based solutions, however, we can provide sessions that have a specific focus that takes you a little deeper into some of the flagship capabilities such as:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Power BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Productivity Tips

And this list grows as the offerings in Microsoft 365 evolves.

Where Can We Attend an Immersion Experience?

The Microsoft Immersion Experience is hosted using the cloud, so basically, we can create an event anywhere you have a good internet connection.  Microsoft provides mobile kits that travel the country if you would like to use the cutting-edge Surface devices that we can bring to:

  • Microsoft Offices around the Globe
  • Your Office or Location in Person
  • Your Offices or Locations...virtually

Wait?  Virtually?

YES!  Can't get your team all together in one place?  By using Remote Desktops we can bring the Immersion Experience to you.  There are some Technical requirements and some small limitations to what we can explore...but if you can't get your team all in one place, this might be your best option.

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